What’s Going on in Museum School? (Clay)

20160329_144448The AMoA offers clay classes to young students ages 6-11 in the fall and spring sessions of Museum School. This is a favorite with children, because it gives them the opportunity to create with a medium they may have never experienced!

The kids work with hand building skills (slabs, coils and pinch pots ) to build pots, tiles, and whimsical sculptures. They discover the ‘ins and outs’ of working with clay and pottery tools, how to apply textures, and glazing techniques. Students learn how to join pieces of clay together and how to apply interesting details to their creations.

In addition to the hands-on creation, students also learn the vocabulary associated with clay and glazing, and about firing methods.


These fantastic little creatures were built by forming two pinch pots, and joining them together. Students use tools to model the features and details of their pieces, adding lots of quirky character!

Above are slab pots, with many different textures imprinted onto the surface. The edges are turned up to create a scalloped look on some, and bright, fun colors were glazed over the pieces to finish them.


For Valentine’s Day, clay students made heart tiles with lots of love inspired decoration! These were ready just in time to take home for the holiday.

clay hearts3


(more pictures to be added soon, so please check back!)


Author: amoablog

AMoA is dedicated to enriching the lives of people of the Texas Panhandle, bringing them together for the experience of art via exhibitions & education.

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