What’s Going on in Museum School? (Painting & Drawing)

Our students have been immersed in a variety of colorful projects this semester.. here are just a few examples.

Color Mixing:

Students ages 6-11 learned to mix their own secondary and tertiary colors from primary ones. Then they created masking tape designs on canvases as the starting point for a non-objective painting. Students filled in the shapes with the colors they had mixed and painted patterns on top, as the finishing step. The end results were so colorful and fun!

Watercolor Techniques:

We love seeing creativity in action! Here, students explored hands-on watercolor techniques, that can be applied in so many interesting ways. They experimented with a different method on each piece of the collage and then brought them together to create an abstract landscape. We used liquid watercolors so that the colors would stay bright and saturated.


Abstract Portraits:

In this quick lesson, students learned to draw facial proportions correctly, and then built on that to create an abstract portrait. Oil pastels were used to create patterns within the drawings, and then liquid watercolor was painted over to create a resist.


Students really enjoyed the freedom this project allowed!

Gesture Drawing:

Keith Haring’s cartoon-like, action packed artwork was the inspiration behind this gesture drawing lesson. Students learned about his background, and the symbols he used in his drawings and paintings. Then they were prompted to pair up, and pose in a silly position for one another, while the other partner created a loose, gesture, or silhouette drawing. This was achieved by dipping a paintbrush into india ink, and working quickly and fluidly to finish the drawing.


The final step was using acrylic paints to bring these bold, gesture drawings to life. Children were encouraged to use colors that would “pop”, like in Haring’s artwork. The finished projects were stunning!


(more pictures to be added soon, so please check back!)


Author: amoablog

AMoA is dedicated to enriching the lives of people of the Texas Panhandle, bringing them together for the experience of art via exhibitions & education.

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